The New Future


2016 has arrived! A new year inevitably spells both excitement and anticipation, yet a sense of uncertainty of what lies ahead. Many optimists embrace it as a fresh start. Whatever new challenges there may be, opportunities present themselves in different packages. The question is whether we are able to recognise these opportunities and ride the year with success.

RADAC sees 2016 as a turning point in its history.

As of 8 January 2016, RADAC has partnered with Houzz . with over 30 million members internationally, is a collaborative platform for home improvement and design, bringing homeowners and home renovation professionals together in a uniquely visual community. Its appeal extends also to property developers and owners as well as related trade suppliers and professionals. It offers access to new ideas and a resource to optimize your aspirations. We are now on a world’s stage.

The landscape for interior planning and design service is evolving. A conference is being planned for (details will be released later) on interior planning of living spaces of the future using innovative technology.

Photo courtesy of JSR Design and Renovation Pte Ltd.

Admission to this event is by registration only.  We strongly encourage all interested persons and organization representatives to register their interest early with RADAC.

2016 is also a special year for RADAC being its 30 th Anniversary. We are commemorating this milestone with the release of a SmartWatch engraved with RADAC logo in a strictly limited quantity. As the historic national icon of the Singapore renovation industry, this commemorative item may potentially become a sought after collector’s piece at the later years.


Check out with RADAC if you are interested to know how you may own a watch piece of history. 
As with the debut of the smartwatch, 2016 marks for RADAC the start for the new generation of stakeholders.

We welcome feedback from tomorrow’s generation on what and how you see your future living experience will be. This is your platform to champion for a better tomorrow.