Safety Grilles

Safety Grilles

Whether you have children of your own or occasionally entertain people with children, it is hard to dispute the value of safety grilles in high-rise flats especially with the small ones around. So we go to our renovation contractors. We then decide between wrought iron and aluminium. The biggest decision after that would simply be the pattern we least hate staring at for the next ten years every time we look out our windows.

Actually, we abhor the idea of installing this metal barrier that mars the view that some of us actually paid extra money for. Many do prefer to forgo the security they provide, describing them as "jail bars" obscuring their way of life.  

As most of us already live inside “a box suspended in the air” who would want to feel like a caged animal inside their own home?

Some buildings also simply do not allow residents to install grilles because the different patterns put up by different homeowners can destroy the aesthetics and uniform "neatness" of the estate's facade. Yet, while the benefits of window grilles remain undeniably an important factor since we are talking about consequences that can be more than just devastating.

RADAC looks at some possible compromises between safety and aesthetics to find that suitable path where we can keep our children safe while making sure homeowners, as well as estate managers, remain happy.

So we started by looking at innovators of window grilles like LeGate and INVISYS, who offer homeowners "invisible grilles" that promise to protect the inhabitants without obstructing too much of their view.

These grilles made mainly out of high-tension stainless steel cables with a safety epoxy cover. They are barely visible up close and completely disappear at a distance. They are installed over windows, balconies or used as barriers for staircases and swimming pools.

Some even feature anti-burglar devices that sound an alarm when there is compromise to these grilles.

These "invisible grilles" may be a dream come true for those of us who need round-the-clock protection. However, the ideal solution for those who only need these guardians on an occasional basis may be something we can deploy at an on-demand basis.

This is something that can be there when we are away on long holidays or when we have young guests around. It can also, be moved completely out of sight when we do not need them. If this concept is closer to the protection type you prefer, then you should look at something like the Flexi Grilles by Decorille.

Unlike the "invisible grilles" we earlier mentioned, Flexi Grilles offer homeowners the flexibility of retracting their safety grills when not in use, removing the bars completely so that you have an unobstructed view out your windows.

When you need the grilles, easily deploy them by sliding back over your windows. With such innovative solutions at your fingertips, you no longer restrict your choice between wrought and aluminium protective grilles for your homes. These help estate managers easily approve installation since they do not disrupt the building's façade.

More importantly, occupants can now feel less like living in some animal enclosure when they are at home.