Year of the Monkey 2016

By Joseph Tan

In this Year of the Monkey, soothsayers have warned that bosses who took advantage of the economic down turn to exploit employees in the past years may have the tables turn on them once the forces of the fiery monkey comes into play.
The Chinese have a saying. The wind and water take turn to go around. In essence, it serves as a reminder to all that no one person will be always powerful, just as no one person will experience invariable destitute.

Mimicking the liveliness and unpredictability of playful and witty Monkey, 2016 is to be a year of change - a year ally to the cunning and bravado, a year that favours creativity and adventure. What may we then do to harness the spirit of the monkey so that we can reap the rewards the year has to offer? RADAC investigates.

In this year of the Fire Monkey, it seems that the water element will experience a serious shortage.

It is time to clean out that water feature or aquarium and make sure they are running at their optimum. For those of us without one, Fengshui masters say we can use the colour blue to stimulate the energy of water element. Make Blue one of the lucky colours of 2016 besides Gold and White. For those of us who need to make some renovations to our homes this year, here are some considerations.

Owners of homes facing north need practise tolerance and advocate understanding among family members throughout this lunar year of the Fire Monkey. Remember the Chinese adage: When the family is in harmony, all things will flourish. Suitable months to conduct renovations are March, May and September 2016.

Patience is key for those of us whose homes face northeast . Stay positive and do not let yourself be easily discouraged. In difficult times, look to the warmth and support of family and remember that good times or bad, nothing lasts forever. Suitable months for conducting renovations are March, June, July and October 2016.

Homes facing the east are blessed by auspicious stars this lunar year and are expected to be filled with an abundance of joy and laughter. Owners are advised to be grateful to their benefactors and treasure the good times. Most of all, humility is a virtue to keep on top of your thoughts this year. Suitable months for conducting renovations are March, April, July, October and November 2016.

For homes facing southeast , clear skies can expect to emerge after the rain - offering relief and peace from the oppressions of the Goat Year. It is a time to recuperate, as time to enhance positive energies and improve your fortunes. Suitable months for renovations are March, April, June, September 2016, as well as January 2017.

Stability will reign in the homes of those facing south this year. Owners should take advantage of whatever assistance that comes to further their study and career advancements. Suitable renovation months are May, July, September 2016, as well as January 2017.

The challenges for people living in south-west facing homes will test their true mettle this year. Hold the saying that "real gold fears no fire" at heart. Pluck up your courage and ready yourself to take on the tides that will blow your way. Just remember that like all things else, this too, will pass. Suitable months for renovations are April, June, September, October and December.

As for our friends whose homes face north-west , Fengshui masters advise that you spent more time with your family this year.  Arrange for gatherings or even consider going on holidays together as the Heavenly Charm star may affect relationships among relatives. However, you will still enjoy help from people around you and if you set realistic goals and work towards them, success will still be yours. Good months for renovation works are April, May, June, July, October 2016, as well as January 2017.
According to Fengshui calculations, homes facing west have the optimal direction this year. This is going to be a prosperous year for you with help coming from both the Prosperity Star, as well as the Benefactor Star. As such, occupants should take the opportunity to work towards the goals, as success is promising. Suitable months for renovations are June and December.

In Fengshui philosophy, the world as we know is ever moving, making reality a notion that is always changing. There is no perfect place where everything works for you all the time. This equally applies to there being a no perfectly bad place where everything works consistently against your efforts.

What is important, for the tiny human soul clinging on to these planets and stars as they race through infinite space, is in knowing when to lift our heads and when to keep them down. The person, who understands the tides of their time and behaves accordingly, will emerge victorious.