RADAC 30th Anniversary

Renovation and Decoration Advisory Centre (RADAC) 
marked its 30th Anniversary celebration on 20th October 2016 with an event held at Singapore EXPO in conjunction with BuildTech Asia 2016 where RADAC had also its pavilion. 

Mr. Alvin Chia, the newly elected Chairman of RADAC announced the launch of the new initiatives to the attendees from the industry. These initiatives included: 

Award of RADAC Interior Design Competition 2016 

RADAC organised this 3-month long competition among students of Singapore design schools aimed to: 

• Celebrate good design and professional practice in the renovation industry 

• Introduce the next generation of budding designers to the renovation 

There were 3 prizes with the top prize winner walking away with a sponsored trip to GESSI HQ in Italy + SGD2,000.00 CASH. 

Ms.Evelina Hu, RADAC judge announced Mr. Mohammed Khalis bin Mohd Sidek from La Salle as the top winner of the competition - after delivering her talk on “The Future of Interior Design”. 

Signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) 

Training and Professional Upgrading 

RADAC signed an MOU with Inspiration Design International School, its strategic training partner to provide training opportunities for the renovation industry to grow in its professional knowledge and skills. 

Insurance and Financial Services 
RADAC also signed an MOU with SingCapital Pte Ltd, its strategic partner to provide guidance and more enhanced financial skills for business viability. Mr.Alfred Chia, CEO of SingCapital presented the audience on how a better knowledge of both insurance and financial would greatly benefit the trade. 

RADAC latest revised Standard Contract 2016 

Released on 1 November 2016, this newly heavily revised 15 page document is for use in renovation work as well as for service. 

Each set comes in two copies - one for the employer and the other for the contractor. 

RADAC panel of lawyers explained that RADAC latest revised standard agreement provides clearer definitions of rights and obligation of both contracting parties. Designed to provide also greater equity and protection for the contracting parties, this document also serves as a legal document that “adds bite” into the agreement. This document set are marked with 
security features to ensure that either parties are given greater assurance of being spared with unauthorised alterations and amendments. 

This Agreement is available now from RADAC office during office hours. 

Following these sessions, attendees were treated to a flow of wine and refreshments. 

With that event, RADAC now embarks on a new milestone for a new vision for the new generation.