Winning The Wood Horse Race

Winning the Wood Horse Race

It is believed that the Wood Horse is intelligent, friendly and inspirational -- traits that will make this lunar year one of energy and volatile changes. It will be a year of starts and finishes, a year of marriages and divorces; a year to make or break so here are some ideas on how to harness the year's natural energy and amplify it around your home.
The heart of the home is the living room. Light up this area with lively colours such as red and purple to stimulate liveliness in conversations and activities. Introduce some green plants to bring fresh air into the area and add a few spots of brightly coloured flowers to stir in an aura of excitement within the living space. For people who entertain, a few choice paintings or artworks can help create talking points, as well as bring out that bouquet of beauty and creativity around your guests.

Unlike the living room, kitchens should be themed with cleanliness and simplicity in mind. It is by nature an energetic room that needs no further stimulating. When choosing plants or artworks for the kitchen, think simplicity. The kitchen should offer a feeling of spaciousness and amplest that draws your creative energy into form so make sure it feels uncluttered and inviting.
For bedroom, avoid having huge imagery or crowding walls with big prints. Resting chambers should be soothed with soft pastel colours and accented by shades of beige or brown. Remember that the key here is to provide a calm and comfortable area of respite separated from the spirited and dynamic energy pervading the rest of the house so that its occupants may recharge effectively on a day-to-day basis.
If you would like to have the colour blue in your home, use a light shade of the hue in your bathrooms and expand its spatial ambiance with large mirrors. Again, make sure it is as clutter-free as possible and use as much natural materials such as wood and stones when choosing fittings and decorations.
The horse is a minimalistic animal with little need for overstatements or loud gestures so keep the house as clutter-free as possible. It is also the year to keep the evergreens around the home and make sure they are healthy and growing. Clean behind the furniture to rid any remaining dust or dirt and if you can feel the wide spaces of the savannah as you stand within your home, you are definitely on the right track.