We randomly showcase designs and present as follows:

We randomly select client's testimony and present as follows:

Enhancing one’s home is a blend of art and science – truly functional to live in yet aesthetically designed and appointed to make the occupants feel luxuriant.

Interestingly, the final product truly reflects the owners' inner identities and values.

This statement might seem simple. However, distilling the essence and quality for home enhancements is often a major challenge for homeowners, the creative designers as well as the trade professionals executing the vision working through a gamut of ideas, needs, desires, subjectivity, people chemistry, schedules, costs and many more variables.

Cutting through the haze for ideas and choice, RADAC is pleased to highlight sample works of its accredited renovators.  We recognize these accredited renovators for exemplary works and professionalism that speak volumes through voluntary testimonies from their appreciative clients.

 Browse through and tease your senses with these works that range from classic to chic, warm cosy ambience to vibrant settings. Notice the play of lights, textures, colours, choice of materials used, creative space utilization – limited only by one’s imagination!   

Share with us your experiences.